Dark Gothic deck building game

This wonderful game is ‘A touch of evil’ as a deck building game. It looks amazing. Good quality and the artwork is the same as in ‘A touch of evil’.

This is how the setup can look like:

The setup is easy. You have 3 different resources: combat, spirit and cunning. You also have a silver which is a wild one that you can use for one of the others. Each hero starts with a different deck of 12 cards, see the card of your hero to know how many of every resource you have. Your hand size is 6 unless listed otherwise on your hero. Every hero also has an ability.

Some cards have a silver icon on it with a number and for these you can use one of the 3 resources which have to be all of the same type. You can choose what you want to do, you can train and for that you need 3 of the same resources or go to the center line and take cards from there. Here you have 5 types of cards: Gear, Ally, Location, Event or Minion. The minions can have a fight ability that could make it more difficult or sometimes it’s even good for you. At the center line if you take a card it is immediately replaced. Some cards have a mystery on them that takes effect in that players turn. It can be good or bad, it can even be for all players.  You can also try to fight the Villain, there are 3 levels of them. And only 3 Villains per game with also a fight ability or another ability. Some Villains get cards in there Shadows stack, if there are 10 cards the heroes lose the game. If the heroes defeat all 3 Villains they win, then each hero counts the number of point on the bottom right of all the cards they have and the one with the most point is as the rulebook says The Top Monster-Hunter!

Some cards also make you take a dark secret. If you have this card in your hand you have to play it first. You always have to take a Shocking Discovery for it and these also can be good or bad.  Of course there is a way to destroy a dark secret when it’s in your discard pile. There are cards that allow you to do that or also a card in your hand, sometimes even in the center line. (not the dark secret of course because as I said before this card you have to play first!!!)

I played with Adranna of Zartha:

As you can see after every type of resource there’s a number, that’s how many starter cards of that type you have at the beginning of the game.

I didn’t use her ability because I never really needed it. I tried to destroy as many of my starter cards as I could and I still had 2 left at the end of the game. Every time I destroyed one I tried to train that same type, they give you 1 point at the end. The starter cards have 0 points. I tried to do different things every turn, sometimes only train or take one or more cards from the center line. Or do both, you can do as much as you have resources. I only went to defeat the last Villain, because I mostly took the Minions. They have a Strike ability, which is bad for the other heroes.  So I decided to go for them, because if you take 2 or 3 from the center line they could have the same amount of points as one Villain but it took me less resources. It’s something you have to decide for yourself what you want to go for. At the end I ended up with 54 points and I was The Top Monster-Hunter. Yeah!!!

Our points weren’t that far apart. So if I hadn’t killed that last Villain I wouldn’t have won the game. It’s all about the choices you make during the game and going for something at just the right time. And of course making sure you have enough of all the resources.

What I think of this game? Well I really love it. It plays very easy. The cards are very clear, you don’t have to check the rulebook during the game. Just amazingly good. But all of Flying Frog’s game are like that. We have all of there games, and we love to play them all. But of course it’s always waiting to see if it’s the same for a new game they have and so far it is.

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This is how the inlay looks like:

I think we will take the inlay out. This is not a good inlay. The cards don’t stay where they need to be. Normally they always have a good inlay, what happened?