Fantastiqa (the rucksack edition)


This is a very nice and easy to teach game. The artwork is amazing. If you only know even a little about the famous artist you will recognize Monet (Water Lillies), Van Gogh (The Sower), Goya (Witches’ Sabbath) or even Waterhouse (Miranda The Tempest), Rackham and many other artists. 

The setup is easy: Each player starts with 6 treasure tokens (3 flying carpets and 3 reshuffle tokens), quest token, character card, character token and character deck with also 1 dog card, 1 peaceful dragon card and 1 artifact card. You also have a starting quest.


There are 3 One turn actions (you can do only 1 of these):

Go adventuring: Move your adventurer to an adjacent space by paying the Subdue cost (symbols) listed on the card in between the spaces. You can move as much as you can pay for.

Visit a Statue:  There are 3 Statues (Artifact Tower, Beast Bazaar and Quest Chest. Here you draw 3 cards of that Statues’ stack of cards and you may buy as much cards as you can pay for with your gems. For the Quest deck here you must claim at least  1 quest. You can also go from one statue to the other of the same type for 2 gems. Or you can release up to 3 cards (remove from the game) from your hand or discard pile paying 1 gem each.

Complete a Quest: You can complete 1 quest in your turn and it can be your own quest or 1 from the 2 quests in the middle of the table.

There are also free actions you can do: commit (ad a card to your quest or put it under your quest token to use for another quest), withdraw (take cards that you have committed back and put them in your discard pile), discard, use a treasure token (flying carpet to fly to an adjacent space, reshuffle token), use a card’s special power or use an artifact card.

At the start of the  next players turn all cards are refilled.

Like in all games you have to score points. You score points by completing quests. The amount of points needed to win the game depends on how long and with how many players you play. You can choose for a shorter, regular or longer game. Note that the quests that you did not complete give you negative points.

I really like this game. The artwork is amazing and the quality of the components is also very good. I love a game that has artwork that is based on artwork from famous artists. 

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