Frozen: Magic ice palace game

This is a wonderful kids game for 2 to 4 players made by Jumbo.

Before setting up the game make sure that an adult puts the batteries in the base of the ice palace.

The setup is easy. You place the board on the table and put the ice palace in the middle of the board.

Next to the board you put the 5 different card types in 5 stacks per type and with the same pictures as shown on the board facing upwards. You have: Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Arendelle. Each player chooses a snowflake playing piece and places it on the start space which in indicated with an arrow.  The player who’s birthday comes next is the starting player.

On your turn roll the die and move that number of spaces forward. If you land on 1 of the 5 card types you can take that card unless you already have it.  You can only have 1 card of every type. When you land on the start space you can roll the die again. And when you land on the same space as another player you move 1 space forward.

If  you land on the Elsa space you may press the Magic ice palace. When the light is blue you may turn over 1 of your cards, accept for the Arendelle card. This is how you free one of the characters from the snowstorm. When you have saved all 4 characters you can turn over the Arendelle card.

But the Magic ice place can also turn red. When this happens you will hear the snow monster Marshmallow roar. Then you will have to turn a character card back to the other side.


You continue doing this until one player has saved all the characters and Arendelle from the snowstorm, and summer has come back to Arendelle. That player is the winner  of the game and the savior of Arendelle.

Kids love this game. (and adults too ;) ) They like the collecting and saving of the characters. The artwork is really recognizable for them and it just looks great. There is also the excitement of pushing the Magic ice palace and hoping that the light would be blue and not red. But even then they would laugh and have a lot of fun with it.


I would really recommend this game for kids from ages 4+ just like it says on the box.

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