DVGiochi made the geekbox, the revolutionary token holder.


These are wonderful little plastic boxes made to put your tokens in or very small miniatures. Game setup time is decreased when you use them. Now it is even better to setup a game.

They fit well in the game boxes and stack really good on top of each other. They are of a very good quality. They come in a pack of three boxes and are very affordable.


We love these little boxes. We already use them in a lot of our games.

As you can see in the pictures from Star Trek Ascendency they fit so good in the boxes. It’s even unthinkable for us to have a game without them. The game setup is so much easier now, you can put them next to the board. The boxes fit very good on top of their lids. We even use them in games where you have tokens or small miniatures per player, that way each player has their own box(es) with their personal things for the game.

In a standard square box like say Ticket to ride, you can put in 4 of these in a row (4x4), 2 high and still fit the game board on top of them.

In the picture we demonstrated how they can fit together.

If there would be a game accessory we would recommend, it will definitely be these little geekboxes from DVGiochi.

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