Gobblin' Goblins

Have you ever wondered what food a goblin loves, hates or is allergic to? Have you ever wanted to play with your food and steal from someone else’s plate? Then this is the perfect game for you.

Gobblin’ Goblins is a game for 2 to 12 players where you can play with your food, designed by Angela Dickens and art by Dan Prowse. The game is succesfully funded on Kickstarter.

The setup is really easy. This is for a 3 player game. The setup can vary for less or more players, more about that later.

Everyone chooses a Goblin out of the 12 Goblin cards (or pic at random). Every Goblin has a special ability and on the back of the card it shows the food they love, hate or are allergic to. It also shows how many points you get or lose. Remove the remaining Goblins from the game. Shuffle the deck and give every player 5 cards, put the deck in the middle of the table. Also every player puts their Goblin in front of them so everyone can see what you love, hate or are allergic to. Also let every player know what your special ability is.



On your turn you play a card from your hand. It can be a food or an action card. There are also distraction cards, these you can play at any time. When you play a food card you play it on your plate (in front of you). When you play an action you simply execute it. When you have played a food or action card your turn ends after drawing a new card, but when you play a distraction you also draw a new card but you can still play a food or action card and continue your turn as normal.

 These are the different types of cards: Action, Distraction and Food

If it’s your turn and you have only distraction cards in your hand you draw a card from the draw pile (if there still is a draw pile) and you play that card immediately.

On your turn you also gobble up food from your plate. This happens automatically when you have 3 food cards of the same colour or if you have 6 different coloured food cards on your plate. This happens after you have played a card on your plate or can even happen when another player does something that makes your collection of 3 of the same colour or 6 different complete. You must gobble when this happens.

When you gobble food you place all cards face down on a pile. At the end of the game you count how many points you have gathered. The game ends when the draw pile is empty and one player is unable to play a card. When this happens all cards still on your plate go to the player on your left and gobbles them. Cards still in your hand are discarded. Now it’s time to count points.

Point count goes like this:

Food you love +3 points

Food you hate -3 points

Food you are allergic to -1 point

Everything else +1 point

There are special cards like the Biscuits are +2 points and the Very Tasty Biscuit is +3 points these are wild cards and can be used for any colour.

The Goblin with the most points is the winner and the greediest goblin. With a tie the Goblin who gobbled the most food wins.

Now for a 2 player game you remove the cards with the 3+ symbol on them. Also make sure you both have a Goblin from another class. Everything else is the same as above.

Dealing cards is different according to the player amounts:

2-6 players 5 cards

7-9 players 4 cards

10-12 players 3 cards

Gobbling food can also change according to player amount. With 7 or more players reduce the amount for the set of different coloured food cards to 4 to gobble them.


Well this game is so much fun. We also enjoyed reading the flavor text on the food cards. The artwork is nicely done. I do have to say that the distraction cards are very important. Make sure to play them when really needed and not just because you have one. It can help you win the game if you play them at the right time. Like when another goblin has the food your goblin loves on their plate you can steal it with a distraction or even give them what they hate.

Also don’t be afraid to take food your goblin is allergic to or hates. Just make sure you can gobble a Tasty Biscuit or a Very Tasty Biscuit. This way the negative points don’t matter as much. Of course it’s best not to take to many of the negative points, so try to remember how many you have. Use your actions and distractions carefully and if possible at the right time.

Only with 2 players the game is not as much fun. I would recommend more players, it’s more fun that way and much more player interaction too. But overall it’s a great game and I would definitely recommend it.

For more info go to http://gobblingoblins.com/


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