Mow is a cute little cardgame by Bruno Cathala. In this game you are a farmer that is trying to get the cows in to your stable but with as less flies as you can.

The setup is easy, you deal 5 cards to each player and the rest is the drawdeck. The starting player puts the arrow card in front of him. This will show the play order.

Actions: On your turn you must add a card to the herd and draw a card. If you add a card to the herd you have to follow the numbers. If there are already a 3, 9 and 11 in the herd you have to play a card that is lower then 3 or higher then 11. If you can not play or don’t want to play a card you take the herd put in in your stable (facedown in front of you) and start a new herd.  The meaning of the game is to have as less flies as you can. Because the player with the most flies loses the game.

There are special cards in the game:

  • Blocker: there are 2 of these, number 0 and 16. These close the line because they are the highest and lowest card in the game.
  • Acrobatic cow: this is in number 7 and 9. You play this card on top of another 7 or 9 in the herd.
  • Lowpoke: this does not have a number on it. You play this one in between 2 cards. For example if there is a 9 and 11, you can play this card in between these cards. Because there could have been a 10 there.

!!These special cards have 5 flies on them. And if you play this card you can change the direction of the play order. Make sure you play these cards before the game ends because al cards still in you hand are also put at your stable and the flies will be counted with the rest of the cards.

The game will be played in several rounds until one player has 100 flies (or more). The flies are embarrassment points at the end of the game.

End of round: when a farmer plays a card and draws the last card the round is played out untill the herd is added to a player’s stable. The cards still in your hand are also put into your stable. The flies are counted and added to the ones from a previous round. The player with the fewest flies wins the game.

I like the game. It’s easy to play and it play very fast. Sometimes you hold on to a special card put are to late to play it and it’ll be added to you stable. But there are time when you think you are doing good by playing all these special card and by the time it is your turn again you can not add a card at you end up with a lot of flies. One time I had 4 of these special card in one herd. So I had the most flies. ;)  So you still have to be carefull about playing them and even take a herd even if you could have played a card. This way you can take one with almost no flies in it.

The artwork is beautiful and funny. Everyone can play it and it doesn’t take much time.

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