Imperial Settlers

In Imperial Settlers you take control of one of four factions that are trying to settle their empire on a newly discovered land.

Port Royal

In Port Royal you are a Merchant who has docked at the harbor of… Port Royal. In this card game from 2 to 5 players you are trying to be the best merchant at the harbor by hiring or influencing other people to do your bidding, get the most riches and in the end the most victory points.


Mow is a cute little cardgame by Bruno Cathala. In this game you are a farmer that is trying to get the cows in to your stable but with as less flies as you can.


North Wind

North Wind is a game in which you are the captain of your very own ship. You are sailing the seas in search of goods, treasure and the occasional pirate captain to deliver to ports which were raided by pirates.

Pandemic: The Cure

Pandemic: The Cure is the dice implementation of the popular co-operative game called Pandemic (what a surprise). In this game two to five players are all working together to find a cure to four diseases spreading all over the world.


Dark tales with expansion Snow White

The artwork is great and it’s a good quality game. When you play with the expansion it adds so much more to the game.


Spellcaster from RnR games is a two to four player cardgame that puts two mages or teams of mages against each other to battle for the title of Grand Master Spellcaster.

Orcs Orcs Orcs

Orcs Orcs Orcs from Queen Games is a deckbuilding game in which you take the role of a mage in the Orc Squash Tournament.

Star Wars Empire vs Rebellion

Star Wars Empire vs Rebellion is a two-player card game where a player is in control of either the Rebels or the Empire fighting to gain control over certain events from Star Wars.

Charta Krymenesiae

Charta Krymenesiae – Battle of the orcas is a strategic game for 2-4 players in which players are trying to close of their opponent’s orca from open sea by placing sea monsters that direct the orcas in a certain direction.


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