Six MaKING is a two player abstract strategy board game from Mind Fitness games. In this game you are trying to create the King ( a stack of at least six disks ) with your color disk on top.

The game is played on a five by five grid board and every player has 16 wooden disks in his color. On a turn a player can do two things, place a disk of his color on an empty space or move any tower (one or more disk on top of each other on the board). The tower can be moved as a whole or just a part of it and you must always move on top of another tower already in play. You cannot move your tower if it wouldn’t end up on top of another tower. But here is the really neat part, the size of the full tower before moving dictates how it can be moved. The movement of the different sized towers is the same as the movement of chess pieces but you don’t have to know how to play chess to enjoy this game. It simply helps a bit because you are familiar with the movement of the pieces.

So if the tower is made from only one disk it moves like a pawn. This means it can move one space horizontally or vertically. If the tower is made up of two disks it moves like a rook, it can move orthogonally any number of spaces until it reaches a tower in that direction. When the tower consists of three disk it can move like a knight, in an L-shape even over other towers. If the tower is made up of 4 disks it moves like a Bishop. It can move diagonally any number of spaces until it reaches a tower. When the tower has five disks it moves like a queen, it can move in any direction any number of spaces until it reaches a tower. If the tower consists of six or more disks you have created the King and the player who’s disk is on top of the King wins the game.

There are also three expansions (these where included in my version) to the game that make for some variations and more strategic thinking. The first one is The Hunchback. In this expansion every player has one disk with a hump in the middle to its disposal. As you probably could guess you cannot place a tower on top of the hump so these disks will always be on top of their tower. The other one is called The Giant. Now every player has a larger disk in his disk pool and this disk counts as two normal disks. The third expansion is Milady. In this expansion there is one neutral disk that can be placed by either player. If this disk is on the board and on top of a tower, you must move a tower on top of it if there’s a possibility to do so.

There is also another version included in the rules that whenever a King is created, the player with the top disk scores a point. The King is removed from the game and the disks are put back in their respective pools. Play continues until one player has scored six points to claim victory.

This game is a real joy to play. It can be taught in under five minutes even if the other player hasn’t even heard of chess (again it helps but it definitely is not necessary). The first game it is possible that you need to consult the rulebook a few times just to make sure how you can move your tower but afterwards it plays like a breeze. This is definitely one in the category of easy to learn, hard to master. You’ll try to think several steps ahead (with the emphasis on try) but you can never fully predict what the other player will do, especially with all the choices available in the game. Am I going to put an extra disk on the board and maybe try to block a tower’s movement, am I going to move a tower and so split it up or not, am I going to try to lure my opponent into doing a certain move and so on. The possibility of splitting up the towers makes for a different approach which I like a lot. Trying to keep your disks on top of the towers is very important in this game as well as keeping in mind the different movements of all the towers in play and the ones that can be created. The expansions which might seem not so big a deal at first glance make for some completely different approaches to the game and change the way you play the game. Like you already might have noticed I really love this game and the different strategic options it provides and it will hit the table regularly.

Play with honor