In this game you are a rich merchant during the Renaissance. You use your resources to acquire mines and transportation methods, and recruit artisans who will turn your raw gems into beautiful jewels.  

The setup is very easy. You put the 3 different decks  of development cards on the table in a column in increasing order from the bottom to the top. The decks  are level 1,2  and 3. (o,oo,ooo) For each level you lay 4 cards next to the decks  on the table.  

For the noble tiles you reveal as many of them as the number of players +1 and put them above the cards. The gem tokens you put in stacks at the bottom under the cards. Each forming a stack of one color. There are 5 different stacks of gem tokens and 1 stack of gold tokens (these are wild tokens which can be use as any color).

There is a little difference with how many players you play.

For 2 players: here you remove 3 tokens from every gem color so that there are only 4 left, and only 3 noble tiles are revealed.

For 3 players: here you remove 2 tokens from each gem color so that there are only 5 left, and you reveal 4 noble tiles.

Now how do you play?

Each player can do 1 out of 4 actions: Take 3 gem tokens from different stacks. Take 2 gem token from the same color (note that if there are less than 4 tokens left you cannot take 2 tokens of that color) Reserve 1 development card. This can be one that is revealed or the top card from one of the decks and this goes into your hand. You can have only 3 reserved cards and you cannot discard them. You also get a gold token for reserving a card. Purchase 1 revealed card or a reserved card from your hand by paying the cost listed on the bottom left of the card. Then you put that card in front of you and this gives you a permanent gem of that color and some also give you prestige (points).

At the end of your turn you check the nobles to see if you have the right number of cards of the color shown on the noble tiles. If you do you take that tile and put it in front of you. If at the end of your turn you have 15 or more points the game continues until every player has had the same number of turns and then the game ends and the player with the most points wins the game. If there is a tie the player who purchased the fewest development cards is the winner.

How you get points (or prestige)? Well the nobles give you points and also the development cards.

This is a very easy to play game. The artwork looks great and the components are of a very good quality. Even the box inlay is amazing. If you want to play a game with people that are not used to playing games then this is a great game to start with. I first thought that we played it wrong because it played so easy. But no it just is that easy. Don't get me wrong you do have to look at what you need to collect and see that if there's a card you really want you better reserve it to make sure you have it and no one else does. ;) And also keep an eye at what other players are collecting this way you can try to prevent them from getting that card. Or maybe get the last gem token from one color they need. I love this game. It’s also a good game to play when you don’t have much time or just to finished a game night. Really wonderful.

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