Star Fleet Missions

Star Fleet Missions is an older card game (1992) set in the Star Trek Universe in which you send out your Ships to complete Missions. The player who gets the most mission points at the ned is the winner.

The setup of this game is quite easy. You create a mission deck by taking 37 mission cards to form the mission deck. If you want a shorter game or longer game you select fewer or more missions. Then you give every player five ship cards and put the rest in the middle to form the draw pile. Now you are ready to play the game.


Every round the first player draws the top card of the mission deck and reads it aloud. Every mission card states how many ships can participate in the mission and which ratings will be used to solve the mission. Sometimes it also states a special condition for the mission. These can vary. It might happen that some races cannot win the mission or that some races’ ratings are doubled etc…

When it is clear what is needed for the mission every player places ships (equal to the number required by the mission card) from their hand face down to try and complete the mission.

After every player has played their ships it is time to reveal and compare them. The player with the highest needed rating wins the mission and gets the mission card. Mission cards are normally worth 1 mission point but there are a few mission cards which are worth two. In case of a tie, the tied players have the option to send out a reinforcement (play another ship card to hope and win the mission) or surrender (give the mission to the other player).

This continues until all mission cards have been resolved. In case of a tie in scoring in the end you just keep on playing missions until one player is victorious.

As you can tell from the explanation this game is a sort of trick-taking game with a Star Trek Theme on it. This game is really easy.  The only real decisions made in this game are if you play a card to try and win the mission or play a really bad card in the hope of getting a better card for the next mission. This is all the game is about. The game is very luck based. If you have ships with low ratings you will not win any missions. Luckily, there are some variations in the rules that can make for a slightly different or more balanced game . One is called the Imperial Command in which you play one of the factions of Star Trek in the game and you have all 18 cards of them in your hand. Another interesting one is the One-Up-Manship in which the cards are placed face up in turn order. All in all it is just a simple game that can be played with younger players because of its simplicity or at the end of a game-night.  

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