Valley of the Kings Afterlife

This is another wonderful small game from Tom Cleaver.

The setup is very easy. There are 3 levels of cards: the starter cards that each player has are level I. In the Stock you have to put level II on top and level III on the bottom. Then you make a pyramid as shown below. The discard pile for the Stock is called the Boneyard.


Every player starts with 10 starter cards, a Tomb and a Turn order card. You have a hand size of 5 cards.

On your turn you can Buy, Execute and/or Entomb.

Buy: you can buy a card from the bottom line of the pyramid. After you buy a card the pyramid crumbles. If you buy the middle card you can choose how the pyramid crumbles. You choose which of the 2 cards of the middle goes down. If you buy the right or left one then the right from the middle goes to the bottom right or the left to the bottom left. You always crumble the pyramid after you buy a card. This way there may be a chance for you to buy one that comes from the second row. ;)

Execute: you can play cards for the action that is listed on it.

Entomb: you can put a card from your hand under your Tomb. These are the only cards that count as points (VP). Here is an example from how it can look after you put some cards in your Tomb.

At the end of your turn you draw a new hand of 5 cards.

As you can see the cards have different colors. The grey ones are the starter cards. The purple ones (unique) have VP listed on the bottom and all the others are sets (on the bottom of the cards is listed how many different cards are in that set). You have to make sets to get more points. When you would have 4 from 1 set you get 4 x 4 points, so you have 16 VP. If you have only 1 of a color that is only 1 VP per card, also the level I cards are 1 VP you cannot make sets with these. You cannot have 2 sets of the same color. So be careful when you entomb that you don't put a card under your Tomb that is already there. :)

The game ends when: There are no cards in the Stock, there are no cards in the Pyramid and when all player have taken the same number of turns. Then you count your VP from the cards in your Tomb. The player with the most VP wins the game.

What most of you probably want to know: can it be mixed with the first Valley of the Kings? Yes it can. You have a few options:

1 Mixed sets: Choose a 3-card set from either version, a 4-card set, etc. You can also choose the purple cards.  And mix these to make your deck.

2 Half sets: Every set has a certain number of cards in it. Let’s say the Chamber cards have 8 in the set, but only 4 different cards. So you take half of every version. This you do for every set. This means that you have only 1 of every card and no duplicates. This makes 10 sets.

3 Combine the sets by color: Here you also take only 1 card of every version in the sets but now the colors form 1 set. So if you take the green set from the first game and the green set from this game you can get points for a set with 2 types of green cards but are treated as 1 set. So lots of points.

4 Or if you want a very long game you can just mix it all together.  ;)

I like this game. I like the Egypt theme. The quality and the artwork is also very good. We have played the game with both the first and this one mixed and I have to say it is difficult to collect sets now. Afterlife is more against the other players. There is more interaction between players. We will not play without Afterlife mixed in with the first Valley of the Kings. It’s just more fun and you can now even more prevent a player from getting a certain card. ;)

Keep playing games :)